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  1. Changing the user agent on Firefox

    The user agent part is a text identifier browsers send to websites so sites can serve better pages to visitors.

    Most popular sites take user agent detection too far, and starts spamming people with ads(especially on mobile), pop-ups, redirects and other annoying things.

    Most of these annoyances can be ...

  2. Nginx: blocking a GET request if it contains a certain word

    An interesting thing I've noticed is wordpress gives away author usernames in the URL on the author pages.


    The problem is username is also the login name for that "author".

    Wordpress also redirects to author pages if someone starts querying for author ids ...

  3. Genisoimage to make a custom Windows ISO

    The code is the following:

    genisoimage -b boot/ -no-emul-boot -iso-level 2 -udf -J -l -D -N -joliet-long -relaxed-filenames -o windows.iso extracted-windows-folder

    -o windows.iso = the output iso file

    extracted-windows-folder = The folder extracted from the original ISO

    On Debian, the following are needed:

    1. Windows ISO file
    2. genisoimage and ...

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