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  1. AMD RX 480 on Debian Linux

    Sapphire RX 480 on Debian Sid

    I've recently bought a RX 480 in a new PC build.

    I couldn't install Windows on the PC, for some reason the installer is missing a driver it deems life-critical, but can't be bothered to tell you what for.

    Instead, I've install Debian 8 …

  2. Jessie Backports on Raspbian

    It's possible to add Debian backports to Raspbian.

    I've used jessie backports to install borgbackup on my RPI 2.

    Adding the backports repo is as simple as executing the following as root:

    cat <<-EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jessie-backports.list
    deb jessie-backports main contrib …
  3. Changing the user agent on Firefox

    The user agent part is a text identifier browsers send to websites so sites can serve better pages to visitors.

    Most popular sites take user agent detection too far, and starts spamming people with ads(especially on mobile), pop-ups, redirects and other annoying things.

    Most of these annoyances can be …

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